Higher education provider Global Banking School (GBS) continued on 26 November its ‘An interview with… series, hosting renowned cardiologist Dr Mark Signy. 

Signy, who has spent four decades as a cardiologist, spoke to GBS Communications Director and Editor of The London Magazine Dr Steven O’Brien about the advances he has witnessed in the field during his long career. He also discussed the benefits of working in the healthcare sector and the new Covid-19 vaccines. 

Dr Signy was initially interested in forensic pathologya branch of medicine often featured on detective shows. However, despite the “star appeal” of this specialityhe quickly switched his interest to cardiology, the branch of medicine which deals with diseases of the heart and blood circulation. 

Describing himself as a “sort of stent doctor”, Signy discussed one of the most significant developments that have taken place during his career: the use of stenting, a medical procedure often performed when patient is rushed to hospital with heart attack. Signy said the procedure has helped decrease the mortality rate among heart attack patients from 20% during the 1970s to 3-4% today.  

Addressing GBS students studying healthcare courses, and those considering working in the sector, Signy was infectious: “Tell all your students: they’re going to love their life; it’s brilliant fun.”  

Signy was also optimistic about the Covid-19 vaccines that have recently been announced“These vaccines look astonishingly promising,” he said, adding that if the vaccines can be rolled out quickly we should be able to return to a normal life next summer.” 

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