The Institute for Educational Research

The Institute for Educational Research brings together educators with a deep-seated commitment to the value and values of Higher Education. Our goal is to connect research and teaching; to strengthen our ties with the communities we serve; to collaborate across programmes and locations; to contribute to new knowledge and insights into what works to support learners from widening participation backgrounds.

The Institute is made up of an impressive blend of both experienced researchers and those with research potential and is developing knowledge and consultancy about excellent learning and teaching practices which support and promote student success.

The Institute aims to:

  • bring together what is known about how students learn and progress, particularly in relation to students who represent our very diverse student population
  • translate knowledge and foster scholarship of teaching in order to strengthen our teaching and assessment policies and practices
  • provide a focus for GBS, creating communities of practice and support for higher level learning, enabling dissemination of new thinking and connect with wider research networks
  • encourage and commission research into our own students, their educational experiences and their return on investment, and the impact GBS education is having on our communities

Can your organisation benefit from InfER?

We can help in a number of ways:

  • Access our consultants' expertise in delivering training and evaluations within your organisation.
  • Apply for funding from major institutions (ESF, Lotto) to develop projects important to your company’s values and vision.
  • Deliver lectures to our students and staff which may be part of your organisation's CSR.
  • Utilise our research expertise in sectors such as business and entrepreneurship, education, health and social care.
  • We can audit key functions within your organisations such as equality, diversity and inclusion, reflective practice, stakeholder voice, developing entrepreneurship, coaching and mentoring and then recommend a plan for continuous improvement.

Want to get start a conversation about how InfER can support your business?

Get in touch with our Dean of Education, Dr Matthew Carlile at