Employability Award

The Employability Award is an employability achievement award supporting your career and personal development by formally recognising the extra-curricular activities you complete during your time at GBS. You can join it at any time. It is designed to help you gain experience and develop key skills that employers want you to have. Find out more about yourself, explore different options and get job-ready by completing the Award.


Why choose this award?

This award is the perfect way to complement your studies. It will help you to focus on developing the skills you need to stand out in the employer selection process for internships, placements and graduate-level jobs. You will have the chance to enjoy new experiences, reflect on your personal development and add to your CV. Upon completion of each award, you will receive a certificate to reflect your extra-curricular achievements.

Structure of the Award

The award is offered at four levels:

• Bronze

• Silver

• Gold

• Platinum


What is involved?

To complete an Employability Award, a student must register, choose the award to complete, read the requirements, and in most cases, upload evidence (could be a screenshot of an event, an email confirming participation in an activity, or a digital certificate as some examples).

Each award has a set of requirements which are required to be completed. Once the evidence has been accepted, the student will receive an email with feedback and certificate.