10 April 2024

GBS students shine at Microsoft Hackathon 2024

On the 15th of March in London, innovation met determination as 14 students from our HND in Digital Technologies for England (Cyber Security) and 1 student on our Diploma in Education and Training course embarked on a journey to the Microsoft Hackathon 2024. This event brought together bright minds from universities across the South of London, and our Pearson cohort rose to the occasion, showcasing their skills, creativity, and collaborative spirit.

Among the 12 teams representing various universities, GBS proudly entered three teams, each brimming with talent and fuelled by a passion for technology. 

Team 1: GBS Binary Brigade

Team 2: GBS.Net

Team 3: GBS Pythons

The atmosphere was electric and intense as students immersed themselves in a whirlwind of problem-solving, ideation and building an AI website like ChatGPT. It was a difficult task, but they pushed through and utilised all the skills they had learned so far to enhance their critical thinking.

There was also time to exchange thoughts and insights following the campus tour, where Councillor Tailor took the time to review his experiences with us at Greenford.

James Kennedy, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at GBS, enjoyed the experience and relished the occasion. “I am delighted that we were able to host such an esteemed dignitary here at our Greenford Campus and enjoyed being a part of showcasing how we add value to our local communities every day,” he said.

We look forward to more opportunities to expand our reach and invite more special guests to our campuses in the future at GBS.

As the hackathon progressed, our teams demonstrated their ability in the industry, tackling challenges with integrity and determination. Each team left a remarkable mark at the competition.

Amidst fierce competition, one of our teams - GBS.Net emerged triumphant, securing a coveted spot in the top three. Their exceptional project captured the attention of judges and peers alike, showcasing the depth of talent within our Pearson partnership, only at the start of their degree.

Their achievement serves as a testament to the dedication and hard work invested in the hackathon. The same team created a website ahead of the Hackathon for the purpose of Networking.

As we reflect on their journey at the Microsoft Hackathon 2024, we celebrate the achievements of our students and the collaborative spirit that defines our Pearson partnership. Their success serves as inspiration for future endeavours, underscoring our commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in technology.

Elzane Palagi, GBS UK Careers Consultant, said: “We are so proud of all our students that participated in this Hackathon. These kinds of events offer invaluable opportunity for our students to collaborate, learn, and grow. They make lasting connections, gain insights from industry experts, and honed their skills in a dynamic environment. The experience is not only enriching but also empowering, motivating them to push boundaries and pursue their passions in the tech industry”.

Our students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and had this to share:

“Our team it’s grateful for the opportunity GBS has given us. As a team we used our diversity to generate ideas and collaborate. We enjoyed provided facilities within Microsoft building and had and amazing experience. The mission was to develop a business idea centred around education utilizing AI tools, and we successfully accomplished it by creating AdaptEd.”

“What a great experience! Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate, and well done to the team that got into the top 3 you were all amazing. I will most definitely go again.”

In conclusion, the Microsoft Hackathon 2024 was a resounding success for our Pearson partnership, with 15 students making their mark amongst others in the industry. As we look ahead, we remain steadfast in our dedication to nurturing the next generation of tech leaders and empowering them to shape a brighter future through innovation and collaboration.

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