Safeguarding and Prevent

GBS has a legal responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of any students, colleagues, or visitors who may be at risk of harm (Safeguarding). We also have a legal obligation to help prevent individuals from being radicalised (Prevent).


Our aim is to safeguard the safety and wellbeing of our students who may be at risk of harm, whilst at the same time protecting freedom of speech and embedding a commitment to the promotion of positive learning and community relations. With this aim in mind, we will:

  • Publish guidance and procedures for identifying risk, reporting concerns and taking action.
  • Take all safeguarding concerns seriously and report them promptly to the relevant authority, where appropriate, including suspicions and allegations of exploitation, harm, or abuse.
  • Ensure we have processes in place to check the suitability of staff and students whose roles and responsibilities involve regular contact with, or supervision of, young people and adults at risk of harm.
  • Provide training for staff who are in routine and direct contact with young people and adults at risk of harm.
  • Foster a culture of trust between those who work at GBS, those who attend it, young people and visitors.
  • Prevent people who pose a risk of harm from working or studying at GBS.
  • Ensure staff receive appropriate safeguarding training which is regularly updated.

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Global Banking School (GBS) is committed to providing support to all students and staff. We recognise our duty to prevent anyone at risk from being drawn into unlawful activities such as terrorism and identifying vulnerabilities.

GBS does not aim to discriminate against any part of the school community and is careful to ensure that its approach is fair. Our main focus on the Prevent programme is to emphasise the use of existing processes providing welfare, support and advice to students or staff.

This is not about identifying ‘extremism’ but identifying general behaviour changes that may indicate individuals require different types of further support and knowing how to refer those individuals.

How to report

We all have an important role to play in Safeguarding and Prevent, please be vigilant and raise any concerns immediately. All concerns can be reported to safeguarding@globalbanking.ac.uk, by using our form or talk with our Safeguarding and Prevent Officers at your campus. 

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