23 November 2021

An Interview With Daisy Dunn

In this exclusive-to-GBS interview, Daisy Dunn, successful author, journalist, and renowned historian, talks to Steven O’Brien about how she manages her increasingly heavy and diverse workload. 

With big projects in the pipeline, and constant demands on her time, Daisy finds that she always has many things ‘on the go’ at once. But rather than busily working away on them all at the same time, she says that she finds that “it’s better to get one project to a certain stage before moving on to the next”. She says that, by working this way, she achieves more and is more effective. Maybe a good idea for any GBS students trying to manage their own projects.

Daisy also opens up about how she was unsure of which degree course to take, and then again which career path to take. When asked what she would say to any GBS students who are still unsure where their speciality lies, she said that her advice would be to “keep it open. Get as much experience in as many different areas as possible before deciding”.

Daisy definitely did this, keen to learn and grow from the diverse work experience in architectural firms, museums, and magazines that she undertook before settling into her career. Always wanting to learn and improve is something very dear to GBS and is one of our core values.

The interview is a rare window into a very specialised universe, and Daisy Dunn is a charming, engaging, and inspiring speaker.

You can watch the full interview here.