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This isn't just a website; we want to create a vibrant and engaged alumni community, filled with resources, support, and opportunities to connect, grow, and give back.


Alumni Network

As GBS continues to grow, so does our community of graduates. We are seeing more and more of our students graduating and going on to pursue fulfilling careers.

The GBS Alumni Network is a service open to all GBS graduates, in which alumni can engage with the institution and our ongoing activities, but more importantly with each other — making valuable contacts and building long-lasting connections.

If you would like to join the GBS Alumni Network, please fill the form.

Fuelling Your Career:

  • Chart Your Course: Navigate a diverse landscape of professional development options, from short-term workshops to full-fledged MBAs.
  • Expert Guidance: Tap into the wisdom of dedicated career advisors who offer personalized support and industry insights.
  • Network to Success: Leverage exclusive access to LinkedIn groups, alumni directories, and regional chapters to connect with like-minded peers and mentors.

Igniting Your Entrepreneurial Spirit:

  • Enterprise Hub: Launch your dream with expert guidance, funding opportunities, and mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs.
  • Share Your Success: Inspire future generations by joining our annual graduation ceremony as a keynote speaker or participating in case studies.

Staying Connected, Staying Informed:

  • News & Stories: Stay in the loop with university updates, alumni achievements, and heartwarming stories that celebrate our community.
  • Events & Programs: Discover a calendar of events, from regional gatherings to career workshops and exclusive networking opportunities.
  • Newsletter & Social Media: Dive into informative newsletters and join vibrant online communities on Facebook and LinkedIn to keep the conversation flowing.

Beyond the Network:

  • Give Back: Share your expertise by providing leadership coaching to students, participating in mentoring programs, or volunteering your time and skills.
  • Stay Inspired: Find encouragement and motivation through curated profiles of notable alumni, award recipients.

Join the Family:

Becoming an engaged alumni member unlocks a world of benefits and privileges. Simply click "Join the Alumni" and embark on a journey of lifelong connection, support, and shared success.

Remember: This is just the beginning. We're constantly adding new features and content to enrich your experience. Come back often, explore, and be a part of something special.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to: alumni@globalbanking.ac.uk

If you would like to enquire about support, please see the below resources for more information.



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