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Mental Health Awareness Week at GBS

GBS was proud to join the rest of the UK in promoting Mental Health Awareness Week between the 13th – 17th of May 2019 at its Bow Road Campus in London. 

Posters, decorations and stalls were put up in the library, the student common and reception to encourage staff and students to look after their mental health. Information booklets on how to manage stress and anxiety; handouts with helpful tips and advice on sleeping better and how eating can affect your mood; and leaflets to promote open and healthy conversations about mental health. They were all available for all students to read and take away.

Academic Support Lead, Andrea Kondeatis organised the week to be a reassuring and helpful experience, knowing that students can suffer anxiety and stress not just when they are studying, but in their personal lives too. 

Andrea Kondeatis said: “My philosophy has always been- I teach the student, not just a subject. In thinking this way, I want all our students to feel supported in every way, not just academically. Because our students are mature and come from such varied backgrounds, each student has such interesting and incredible stories of from their past. Many have faced hardships and it’s important for them to know they were not alone. Mental Health Awareness Week encouraged students to have conversations between staff and their peers, knocking down existing walls, previously built to protect themselves and hide their past or their issues. This open dialogue empowered our students, making them realise we all share many of the same problems and with GBS’s help, they can keep going.”