Professional Qualifications


BSc (Hons) Accounting & Financial Management

Upon successful completion of this course, the IFA offers GBS alumni a route to IFA Associate Member status as follows:

Level IFA Modules Status Based upon GBS Modules
4 Financial accounting 1 Exempt Financial Accounting
Financial accounting 2 Exempt Financial Accounting
Budgetary control Exempt Management Accounting 1
Cost and management accounting Exempt Management Accounting 1
Personal taxation Exempt UK Taxation
Law of accounting Exempt Business and Corporate Law
Business environment Exempt Dynamic Business Environment
5 Financial reporting Exempt Financial Reporting
Financial and management control Exempt Financial Management
Financial management Exempt Management Accounting 2
Business taxation Exempt UK Taxation
Assurance Exempt Audit and Assurance


At the end of the 4-year programme, graduates who have at least 1 year’s relevant accountancy / finance work experience will be eligible to apply for Intermediate Financial Accountant (IFA) membership.

If graduates are seeking full Associate Financial Accountant (AFA) membership of the IFA, they will be required to successfully complete and pass the additional units as detailed below and have at least 3 years relevant accounting / finance work experience.

Level IFA Modules Status
7 Corporate reporting for strategic business – advanced To be attempted
UK taxation for business and individuals To be attempted


You can find out more about the benefits of IFA Membership here.