Covid-19 updates

Please read our latest guidance on Covid-19 from our Chief Executive Officer, Professor Ray Lloyd and the Government update from Michelle Donelan, MP Minister of State for Universities.

1. Covid-19 Update - May 2021

2. Michelle Donelan, MP Minister of State for Universities - letter to students

Find out more about the COVID-19 contingency plan.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) student FAQs

Last updated: May 2021

We understand that many of you are concerned about the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing impact it has on all of us. We have therefore provided below a set of FAQs to answer any questions you might have. We will be reviewing and updating these regularly as the situation changes, and as we receive any further guidance from the UK Government, – so please do check back regularly for updates.

If you have any questions which are not covered below, please contact your Programme Administrator.

Yes, all our campuses remain open, including facilities such as the library and IT rooms.

If you  come to campus, please adhere to Covid-19 safety protocols and inform your Programme Administrator of your intention to use campus facilities. This will allow us to monitor student numbers on campus, whilst providing a safe and, and-socially distanced space for all students. Please also make sure you follow Government guidelines on travel. Do not come to campus if you are experiencing Coronavirus symptoms.

If you need to visit your campus for help with your wellbeing, please contact the Welfare team via Moodle or email

We are doing everything we can to keep everyone including students, staff, and visitors as safe as possible on all our campuses by implementing stringent Coronavirus Safeguarding Policies and Procedures. These measures are based on advice and guidelines issued by the UK Government and higher education regulators. Alongside our Campus Management Teams, we are following any updates to Government guidelines as well as continually conducting Risk Assessments to review and update our safeguarding policies and procedures. 

- Mandatory temperature checks upon arrival – staff, students, and all visitors

- Screens at receptions and all other student-staff contact points (e.g., Student Services helpdesk)

- PPE available at all campuses (masks and gloves)

- Social distancing one-way systems (along with dedicated entrance and exit routes) and social distancing signs across all campuses

- Wall-mounted hand sanitising stations distributed across campuses for easy and immediate access

- Enhanced cleaning procedures: cleaning rooms and shared spaces more frequently, cleaning frequently touched surfaces and high-use areas

- A strict management control system of who attends campuses – includes a booking system for all visitors (i.e., existing students and applicants)

- Strict rules on the wearing of face coverings in all areas of campus -- including corridors, classrooms, toilets, other shared facilities

For more information, please also see our Covid-19 Contingency Plan.

Apart from those who are exempt, all students, staff, and visitors are required to wear face coverings when inside the campus building including corridors, toilets, and libraries, as well as any offices/classrooms/teaching spaces where social distancing (keeping at least 2 metres apart) is not possible 

For more information on face coverings (including exemptions) please see the UK Government’s guidelines. 

Yes. The Government’s scientific advisors and global health organisations have maintained that Covid-19 will continue to be a reality for some time to come, even if a large portion of the population are vaccinated and cases go down significantlyTherefore, even if you have been vaccinated, you must continue to wear masks in public buildings, including our campuses, and where possible maintain social distancing. 

In general, remember: Hands, Face, Space:

- Hands: Wash you hands more often and longer (20 seconds at least); sanitise your hands regularly (especially after touching surfaces used by others) and where soap and water are not available.

- Face: Wear a face covering inside all public buildings including our campuses

- Space: Maintain social distancing (keeping 2 metres apart) where possible

Do not come to campus. Stay at home, inform your Programme Administrator as soon as possible, and follow the NHS advice on Coronavirus. 

Yes. You can attend an online catch-up session (Fridays/Wednesdays for Saturday groups). Please contact your Programme Administrator to explain your circumstances and they will arrange for you to attend 

If you have missed your face-to-face tutorial for an unrelated reason (e.g., work or childcare commitments), you must contact the Module Tutor to arrange an alternative time for a catch-up meeting. If your tutor is unavailable, please contact the Module Leader and request a meeting with them.  

Please schedule a meeting with your tutor to discuss any course areas or topics you need help with. If your tutor is unavailable, please contact the Module Leader and request a meeting with them.

Yes, your attendance will be monitored. Please ensure you inform your Programme Administrator of any absences.

Group activities are anticipated within face-to-face tutorial sessions. As always, please follow Covid-19 guidelines regarding face coverings and social distancing 

Yes, you can. However, you will need to follow Covid-19 guidelines regarding face coverings and social distancing. 

Yes, you should only be on campus for the three hours of your tutorials. After this time, you will need to leave the teaching space so that the room can be cleaned. You can use the library and IT facilities, but please inform Programme Administration prior to doing so. 

At GBS the safety of you our students is of the upmost importance to us. To ensure that we operate in line with the Asymptomatic Test Site programme, by the Department of Health and Social Care, GBS now has Covid lateral flow test kits available for you to collect on campus at reception. These are available at Bow Road, Greenford, Birmingham and Manchester. Students who are based at our Republic campus are welcome to collect test kits from our Bow Road campus. Rapid lateral flow tests help to find cases in people who may have no symptoms but are still infectious and can give the virus to others. We encourage you to use this service and test yourself regularly, so that we are doing all that we can to keep you and your fellow students safe. The lateral flow test kits are easy to use and come with a step-by-step guide on how to test yourself correctly. It takes around 40 minutes to complete, which includes the 30-minute wait time for your result. Follow the guidance in the enclosed booklet as this outlines the next steps depending on your result. If you have a positive result, which will impact on you being able to attend your lectures, you will need to inform your Programme Administrator.

This will help us identify and isolate those students who have been infected with the virus  and could therefore still pass on to others. This will help us keep everyone at our campuses as safe as possible.

If you do have Coronavirus symptoms, please do not come to campus. Stay at home, inform your Programme Administrator as soon as possible, and follow NHS advice.

As a student at a higher education institution you will be interacting with a large number of people in the same space on a regular basis. The Government has therefore recommended that all students at colleges, universities, and other higher education institutions have two tests a week to help stem the spread of the virus. 

No one is obliged to take a Coronavirus test. However, we do hope that all our students will do their part to help keep everyone safe and keep the virus at bay. As a higher education student, getting tested regularly is one of the main ways you can do this.  

Remember: As a student at a large campus you will be interacting with people from many different households – they in turn will be doing the same. Regular testing will therefore help us isolate those students who have the virus, which can help to stop it from spreading to others. 

Please bear in mind the following: If you decide not to take a test when returning to your campus you will need to make sure you self-isolate for ten days prior to your return date. For more information on how to self-isolate, see the NHS website. 

Yes. Taking a Covid-19 test does not invalidate the fast. 

For more information, please see the British Islamic Medical Association’s website. 

Yes. Even if you have received a Covid-19 vaccine there is still a chance that you could be infected and/or spread the virus to others. So by taking a test you will still be helping to keep everyone safe. 

For more information, please see the NHS website. 

In addition to your education your health and wellbeing are, as always, our top priority. This has been a very difficult time for everyone, and we believe that if anyone is struggling they should not to face it alone. If you are struggling, please contact your Programme Administrator as soon as possible and let them know what’s happening. You can also contact our Welfare Team at

We also recommend you contact your GP if you feel your mental health is being affected.

Other online resources you can access include:

The NHS’s Every Mind Matters website

The mental health charity, Mind

The Student Space platform