31 May 2024

GBS Pedal Power Fighting Heart Disease

Global Banking School student Mateusz Juda will ride 54 miles from London to Brighton in support of the British Heart Foundation, as part of the annual London to Brighton Bike Ride.

This will be the third consecutive year Mateusz has taken part in the event, riding in memory of his mother, who he lost to heart disease when he was just two years old.

He says riding in this event is the perfect way to both honour the memory of his mother and raise money for a crucial cause.

“This is a cause which is very personal to me and motivates me to raise as much money as possible so that others don’t have to suffer from a disease that claims over 170,000 lives each year in the UK alone,” said Mateusz.

“That’s 480 deaths a day, or one every three minutes. This is a truly staggering statistic and one which we should all work towards reducing.


“I miss my mother every single day, and there are many others like me mourning the loss of a loved one because of heart disease.

“I’m calling upon GBS staff, students and everyone in the community to please donate generously to this worthy cause.

“Together, we can fight this insidious disease and look forward to a happier and healthier future.”

The ride will take place on Sunday, June 16.

To support Mateusz’s endeavour of raising £500, donate here.

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