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What is the ‘Enhancement’ of Student Learning Activities’?

Colleges and universities are often rightly asked by quality assurance agencies to explain their student learning activities and how we can improve learning experiences? Such initiatives are often referred to in our trade as ‘academic enhancement’

It is an excellent question though.

Just sometimes, under the anxious spotlight of formal reviews and paper submissions, learning providers often forget to mention lots of the good work that they already do, or are about to embark upon.

Here at the Global Banking School (GBS), at our London and Birmingham (UK) campuses, our own Learning and Teaching Strategy is very much supported by the following methods of continuous academic enhancement:

  • Programme Committees that actively gather feedback and introduce improvements for each course
  • Online course and career development content and ‘Live Online’ teaching provision
  • A student-run Global Banking Society that takes the leadership role in helping to deliver career events
  • Graduate Challenge, whereby business students carry out real-life business challenges
  • Global Valuation Olympiad, whereby Investment Banking students from around the world visit our campus and value international firms in a television-apprentice style competition and cash prize
  • Academic support and IT support workshops embedded into our curriculum
  • Professional journals, presentations and group-work used for assessments
  • Live-projects undertaken by student teams to address topical business issues, such as EU GDPR strategy and implementation
  • Professional development workshops and university partner review sessions for tutors and programme managers
  • Healthy staff/student ratios and one-to-one academic support for all students

To refresh and deepen our approaches, here’s a couple of excellent short articles that provide further ideas to underpin our work practices as supportive tutors:

The first, from the UK Higher Education Academy, Engaged student learning strategic enhancement programme:

Then there’s an excellent recent publication – Enhancing Student Learning: Seven Principles for Good Practice – from Winona State University, over in the United States: