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Students Share Their Experiences

These are challenging times and staying productive and focused can be tricky. We asked students how they are coping with the new way of life and studying.  


On online learning:  


This has been quite beneficial because now we can cover our curriculum within the same time frame as an in-person classroom environment. Everyone can join in learning and it is just as interactive as if you were in a real classroom. The tutors answer questions the same way they would answer in the classroom and encourage students to ask questions as well. So, for me personally, I think it is a great way to get my learning done. 

Amanda TijaniManchester 


This has been the first time I have taken part in a class onlineI was extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to still attend the class and receive the teaching support and guidance for my outstanding work. It was exceptionally useful and a very pleasant experience to be able to connect with my peers and tutors and to appreciate that they are all well and keeping safe. 

Farhana Naz, London 


On staying motivated: 


Although it is really not easy to get motivated when you are at home and trying to stay safe, my children and I skip ropes, and my kids do pushups while I just do all the screaming and clapping! We also link up with online prayer meetings to pray for the nations of the world in these difficult times, while at other times we pray as a family. We make phone and video calls and send messages to stay connected with loved ones, family and friends.” 

Amanda Tijani, Manchester 


I have taken the decision to stay away from social media and trying to only read the updates when I feel I am open to receiving that information. The fact that am passionate about learning is my biggest motivationand knowing that this will soon pass, and life will get back to normal again. 

Tracy-Ann Gordon, London 


I communicate with my friends via FaceTime and WhatsApp, the same with my family who are in RomaniaI started my assignments which is good for me. I would like to motivate my colleagues to study more and start their assignments. 

Ileana Biris, London 


On staying active and having fun at home: 


I have been using an app for body strengthening exercises, using meditation-videos, and listening to music. I’ve also used this time to declutter and been preparing food for longterm storage by canning and pickling. I’ve been finishing books I never got a chance to, gardening, dancing, singing and watching movies. 

Tracy-Ann Gordon, London