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Get ready for brexit

Brexit Update – Statement for GBS Learner and Staff Community

There has been a lot of political activity and it has been confirmed that the EU leaders have agreed in principle for the UK to remain within the EU until the end of a new three-month extension (31st January 2020).

Although the political situation remains turbulent, the underpinning values and delivery approach of GBS remains consistent. With many employees and learners from diverse, communities, GBS remains committed to delivering our leading applied business education to those who pass our independent admissions process.

GBS remain committed to lobbying with our sector peers to ensure that any new arrangements provide a favourable and supportive environment for our students and staff, particularly in relation to supporting widening participation communities, as well as access to finance for education and mobility.

The new Withdrawal Agreement agreed by the Government with the EU, but not yet agreed by the UK Parliament, will mean:

  • EU citizens’ rights are guaranteed under the UK-EU settlement scheme for those arriving until the end of the Brexit transition period
  • Full UK participation in the Horizon 2020 and Erasmus research and student mobility schemes to the end of 2020
  • To date, formal UK association to Horizon Europe and Erasmus is being negotiated in a positive mode for post-2021 access