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Being an Effective Student – Top 10 Tips 

The new measures to combat the spread of Coronavirus have impacted every aspect of life as we know it – including higher education. If you’re a student, how do you maintain your levels of enthusiasm, focus and commitment during this time? To help you adapt to these new realities of academic life we’ve put together some tips on how to be an effective student during the coming weeks and months.  

1. Make study an essential part of your day

Put aside some time each day for studying. Set yourself clear, achievable goals – these will help you to stay focused. Why not use any extra time you may have to focus on topics you’ve perhaps neglected, or on an assignment or project? 

2. Keep a daily routine

You can still keep a daily routine even while staying at home: organise your day into manageable chunks, with time for work, study, relaxation, family. Try to stick to this routine every day.

3. Stay healthy

Make sure you get daily fresh air and exercise, keep a balanced diet, and follow all the UK Government and NHS guidelines on Coronavirus.  

4. Take regular breaks

Take mini-breaks throughout the day, especially if you’re also working from home. Move away from your computer, take a walk or go to another room. Breaking up the day and moving your body enables you to refresh and helps maintain your productivity throughout the day. 

5. Stay active

Exercise boosts your body’s endorphins, which makes you happier, able to enjoy your studies and maintain a sustained level of interest in themYou can work out at home or go for a walk, run or cycle. At a minimum, stretch throughout the day to maintain flexibility and good posture. 

6. Keep in touch with loved ones

Many of us will unfortunately be isolated from loved ones during this time – perhaps even from those we live with. To combat loneliness and maintain your general wellbeing make sure you keep in touch with family, close friends and loved ones – they’re only a video or a phone call away.  

7. Keep in touch with classmates

One of the best ways to maintain a link with your studies is through your classmates. If you’re not already part of one, you could join or start a WhatsApp group to keep connected to your classmates. 

8. Relax!

The last thing any of us need during this time is stress. Devote some time each day to doing things which help you relax. Exercising or pursuing hobbies or projects is great, but so is simply having a cup of tea on the sofa while listening to the radio. Find what helps you relax and make it a part of your day!  

9. Avoid stress

In addition to pursuing relaxing activities, make sure you also avoid any potentially stressful activities. This could be anything from constantly checking the news and social media for updates on the virus, to isolating oneself from any outside contact.

10. Stay positive!

It is essential for your mental health and general wellbeing to stay positive during this time. Many of the other tips mentioned here will help you with this – most important of all, keeping in touch with others. You can keep in touch with us, too. Just contact Student Services as usual, or your module or programme leaders. 


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