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Academic & Pastoral Support

GBS strives to provide its students with the best possible learning experience whilst pursuing their chosen programme of study. To do this GBS provides both academic and pastoral support to help ensure that students both progress through the levels and achieve the qualification for their programme of studies.

Academic support

Academic support is provided through Programme Leaders and Module Leaders, with teaching staff in the classroom setting. Students can approach teaching staff at the end of scheduled teaching sessions. Programme and Module Leaders, all of whom are also teachers on the student’s appropriate programme of study, also office academic support, guidance and advice. Formative assessment is used to support preparation for summative assessment. Additionally, academic study and writing skills sessions are available to students on a weekly basis throughout the teaching semester. A dedicated member of staff with specialist knowledge and experience in academic study and writing skills delivers these sessions. Academic support provided includes:

  • Academic advice – on transfers, resuming studies after a period of absence, withdrawal or suspension from studies, including advice on the financial implications of this.
  • Study skills support – essay writing, note taking, giving presentations, researching assignments, referencing, Turnitin etc.
  • Library and VLE– providing guidance and support with reading lists, relevant sources to support referencing of your assignments and how to use the VLE to support learning.


Pastoral Support

GBS’s Programme Manager system provides a wide range of pastoral support to students throughout their period of study. Each student is assigned a Programme Manager who is available informally and through appointment to support and advise students concerning issues that may arise in their life and may affect their academic studies. Support offered by Programme Managers includes:

  • Personal support – where students are experiencing relationship, family issues or domestic difficulties.
  • Information regarding sources of financial support – advice on fees and student discounts, including travel discounts, Oyster travel cards, NUS membership.
  • External support – liaising with external organisations/agencies on the students’ behalf, such as Student Finance England for direction with Student Disability Allowance, Child Care Allowance, mental health organisations, etc.
  • Confidential support – for students with a disability, mental health issue or a other condition that may affect a student’s studies.
  • Special needs – providing specialised support to students with additional learning needs, such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, through our external special needs provider.
  • Advice on non-academic and pastoral issues.
  • Personal support plans – providing support with Individual assignmentsubmission arrangements where there are extenuating circumstances, maternity support needs, individual support plans for students with mental health issues ,etc.
  • Careers support – providing careers and employability guidance such as CV writing, cover letter guidance, developing communication skills, making successful job application, preparation for interview, advice on starting up a own business, etc.
  • Mental health support – for students that are having a difficult time and need someone to talk to or external organisations that offer specialist help and support.
  • Student Representative Committee – student representatives’ meetings where all the issues raised by students are discussed and actions are taken and progress reported in subsequent meetings.GBS provides a high level of student engagement, which includes membership of committees, student surveys and other mechanisms to obtain student feedback in order to further enhance the student learning experience.

Once complete, please submit all needs assessment reports directly to