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GBS students and staff

8th March, International Women’s Day: Pride in our Female Students and Staff

International Women’s Day is being celebrated by millions of women (and men) around the world today.

At GBS, formerly the Global Banking School, some 500 female students, and staff are joining these celebrations too.

More than a century old, the first national women’s observance day occurred in New York in 1909. European human rights movements were quick to follow.

In Germany, Russia, Denmark, and Great Britain, human rights groups, including suffragette movements, took to the streets to campaign for the right to vote and extensively improved employment rights.

The first international women’s day occurred in 1913 in pre-revolutionary Russia, then again in 1914 in pre-war Germany. The iconic March 8th date then became embedded as the emerging international calendar date for this campaign event.

Richard Bingley, Managing Director of GBS, said:

“A century on, sadly, many of these human rights are still challenged by poor business and government practices, and also by poor education access for women around the world. This is a moral failure for local, national and international leaders to urgently address.”

Mr. Bingley added:

“Here at GBS we are very proud that some fifty percent of our students and staff are female. Many balance job roles, family duties with the pressures of study and learning. They are an inspiration to us all, and we are proud to serve society alongside them.”