Month: September 2020

Higher education provider Global Banking School (GBS) has launched An interview with…’, a new series of in-depth talks featuring an array of industry experts and leaders in their fields.  

The serieshosted by GBS Communications Director Dr Steven O’Brien, kicked off with prize-winning author, environmentalist, and former politician Mr Stanley Johnson.  

Mr Johnson, who is also Chairman of GBS’s Advisory Board, discussed with Dr O’Brien a range of fascinating and timely topics including writing and the creative process; the future of UK higher education, post-Covid-19; climate change; and GBS’s current contributions to its students and the communities in which it operates. 

Commented Mr Johnson: I think GBS is a tremendously important institution, with a tremendously bright future ahead of it. I feel honoured indeed to be a member of the Advisory Board. The students have the whole of their lives ahead of them, and the kind of education they are getting at GBS is going to point them very much in the right direction. I also think that GBS is targeting sectors of society which are not always being reached by the other educational institutions we have in this country.”   

Mr Johnson also discussed two of his previous novels, The Virus (first published in 1982), a Cold War thriller about a viral pandemic with rather eery similarities to the present outbreak, and Kompromat, which deals with Brexit.  

An interview with…’ aims to provide inspiration, insights, and words of wisdom and encouragement for students and others. GBS promises a line-up of fascinating speakers and topics over the coming months.