Post Graduate Certificate
in Global Investment & Finance

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Post Graduate Certificate in Global Investment & Finance

Post Graduate Certificate in Global Investment and Finance specialised Curriculum has been created to build the knowledge in broad Investment Banking role.

The unique feature of the programme lies in its emphasis on the role of academic theory underpinning applied Global Capital Markets & Investments practice with a very particular focus on helping students to relate this to their own career development.
This very personal approach and industry contacts is what differentiates the programme from other related courses at postgraduate level.
Students' prior knowledge and skills brought to the course combined with the academic theory, practice-based knowledge, cognitive process and synthesis accessed along the course make for a very powerful combination of skillset to achieve a knowledge in Investment Banking.

I Core Modules:

Post Graduate Certificate in Global Investment and Finance covers 4 modules (60 credits). This enables students interested in continuing studies towards a Master of Science Degree, to return later to complete the full Programme using these recognised credits for the new qualification.

Global Financial Reporting and Analysis (15 credits)

The module aims to provide you with the ability to prepare individual and group financial statements. The module will also provide students with the technical knowledge of critically analysing financial statements prepared for both individual and group companies.

You should be able to prepare and analyse real private or public listed companies after this module.

Applied Quantitative Investment Methods (15 credits)

Global Capital Market and Investment professionals must have a working knowledge of Quantitative Analysis in the respective specialist Investments analysis. This module provides the framework and anchor for value creation through Quantitative Analysis within these Markets. Students will be taught with a practical hands on approach through, problem solving and research enquiry skills within the integrated construct of time value and discounted cash flow, linear regression and multiple regression, statistical techniques, time series and multifactor models with a view to designing and delivering value through needs application of Quantitative techniques to Analysis of Global Capital Markets and Investments.

International Corporate Finance and Equity Instruments (15 credits)

Global Capital and Investment professionals must have a working knowledge of International Corporate Finance and Equity Instruments in order to carry out insightful analysis for value creation. You are taught with a practical hands on approach, problem solving and investigative enquiry skills in International Corporate Finance and Equity Instruments, and you will carry out critical analysis and evaluation with a view to designing and undertaking critical investigations into cashflow analysis and financing of business.

Global Fixed Income and Derivatives(15 credits)

The module aims to provide you with the knowledge and understanding of Valuation of Fixed Income Investments and Derivatives. The module is developed further by providing students with the cognitive and thinking skills for undertaking critical analysis, evaluation and integration of these securities to hedge various financial risks.

  • Intakes : September/January/May
  • Duration : 3 month
  • Awarding body :
  • Location: London or Your Corporate Office
  • Delivery:Weekdays or Weekends or
    Live Online - How it works ?
  • Fees: Click here
  • GBS application form + most updated CV
  • A bachelor degree or equivalent in your country (certificate + transcripts)
  • Statement of purpose
  • 2 Academic or industry references
  • English proficiency: CEFR B2

The Process:

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