BA (Hons) Business Management (with foundation year)

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Build a successful career in Business Management

Gain In-depth knowledge of the core functions of business and management as a future business leader, entrepreneur or manager, of any background that want to think globally.

Develop leadership skills and qualities

  • Analytic skills to identify complex, real-life problems of businesses
  • Critical thinking skills to critically evaluate and plan for a range of contemporary business and anagement scenarios

  • Problem solving skills, for effective decision making
  • Entrepreneurial skills, for a sustainable future business practice.

Innovative Teaching Methods

Each student goes through our structured career development programme where we map the strengths, weaknesses and skills for a particular role.

The programmes are delivered by experienced bankers and thinkers. We always aspire to erase the gap of knowledge between real world investment banking, finance practices and traditional academic learning.

A key feature of the programme is to blend both academic study and skills development to enhance the employability of our graduates.

Customising your pitch                            

In you first term, we will help you customise your CV according to the industry and your preferred role, offer guidance to build your personal brand on social media and assist you with case studies, mock interviews and psychometric tests..

Entry Requirements

Career Development and Employability  

At GBS, we start assisting your career opportunities from day 1.

Our career advisor will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and assist you further in one-to-one meetings.

Career Development

Our greatest asset is our alumni network

We encourage you to participate in alumni networking events in different cities and find mentors who share the common vision with you.

Every year over 5000 candidates perticipate in the Global Investment Banking Valuation Olympiad                                                  

Global Banking School trains professionals in investment banks, private equities, hedge funds, consulting firms and corporates globally.

We recruit ambitious people,train them with critical thinking and problem solving and guide their career to become a successful asset in the competitive global world.

Year 0 Foundation
FY027 Preparing for Success Self Development and Responsibility
FY021 Introduction to Business Studies
FY026 Preparing for Success Knowledge and Creativity
FY028 Inquiry Based Learning
MG408 Graduate Challenge
BM461 Global Business Environment
MG411 Introduction to People Management
MG412 Principles of Marketing
BM414 Financial Decision Making
MG410 Career Viewpoint
MG413 Data Insight for Business Decisions
MG414 Organisational Behaviour
Level -5
BM520 Operations & Project Management
BM518 Enterprise Projects
MG522 Selling & Sales management
MG515 The Media Business
BM526 Economic Analysis
BM521 Small Business
Level -6
BM631 Research methods
BM633 Strategic Agility
MG628 International Marketing Management
MG629 Developing Leadership & Management Skills
BM632 Managing & Developing Innovation & Creativity
MG630 Change Management & Organisation Development
BM634 Dissertation
  • Intakes : September and January
  • Duration : 4 years
  • Awarding body :
  • Location: London
  • Delivery: Weekdays or weekends or only evenings
  • Fees: Click here
Application documents/
BA (Hons)
Business Management
(with foundation year)
Application form
Statement of purpose
(300-400 words)
Recent CV
2 References
academic or professional
Academic Qualification
Level 3 90 Credits
English proficiency
Application documents/
BA (Hons)
Business Management
(with foundation year)
Application form
Statement of purpose
(300-400 words)
Recent CV
2 References
academic or professional
Academic Qualification
Level 3 90 Credits
English proficiency

Admission Process:

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Live Online Web-Conferencing

Learn in London or from anywhere

How It Works?

This live Online provides you
exactly the same experience as
you would receive in the real class.

Upon enrolment you will receive a link
to download all necessary software
and join our Live Online class.

Through our portal you can join the class
which is held in London from anywhere
in the world in real time.

Switch between group and one-to-one sessions with the lecturer
Interact with the lecturer in real time

Attend the live class
from any location

is offered in-house
in London
and online
instructor-led globally.

Build an elite career

Our innovative teaching methods are
delivered by experienced lectures.

You will be able to see your lecturer and
classmates and they will see you.

You will be able to ask and answer questions,
demonstrate your work, communicate with
your fellow delegates exactly the same way
as you would do it in the real class.

Your career development programme
will also be held in the Online Portal
in a one-to-one mode.

Network with classmate worldwide.