Global Banking School takes your career very seriously. We start assisting your career opportunities from day 1. You will be having one to one session with your career advisor to identify your strengths and weakness against the top roles you want to achieve after your degree. There are various steps you have to go through:

Customising your pitch:

In you first term, we will help you customise your CV according to the industry and your preferred role. We will guide you to build your personal brand on social media.

We would assist you with case studies, mock interviews and psychometric tests.


You will be encouraged to be involved in organisation team for industry conferences on various topics.


GBS will suggest you to take volunteer role in various finance and investment societies to connect with industry professionals.

Valuation Olympiad:

GBS organises each year Valuation Olympiad Competition and teams from various parts of world participate in it. You will be invited to participate in it and benchmark yourself against your competition.

Corporate Training:

GBS trains professionals in investment banks, private equities, hedge funds, consulting firms and corporates globally. You might have good chances to meet corporate team and ask for the culture of the firm before you start introducing yourself to these firms.


GBS will push you to develop your extra-curricular skills. You should actively organise and participate on debates to master your communication skills.

Our greatest asset is our alumni network:

We encourage you to participate in alumni networking events in different cities and find mentors who share the common vision with you.

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Step II
Step III